Destinations should definitely visit in the US

(Top Travel Free)Great American country with countless landscapes, architectural and natural wonders. If you have a travel visit to US, it was difficult to discover all the possible places in a short time.

Here are the iconic destinations ingrained in the minds of the American people, the places, the signs and monuments representing the best of America. They are the symbol of the modern city of New York and Vegas, the wonders of nature in the many beautiful national parks. These places have contributed to the culture of the country.

The most famous destinations in the US

Walt Disney World magic (Orlando, Florida)
Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is truly a magical world for all ages. It represents a kind of American dream: a land of many cultures, welcoming all. Magic Kingdom certainly welcome everyone into its dream world, where Mickey Mouse and Cinderella walking and many other interesting things. A world of the imagination of America is represented here, from Tomorrowland to Fantasyland classic future. Surely you can not miss the fascinating places this.

Walt Disney World magic

Times Square (New York)
If you want to witness life rushed, pace dizziness, modernity and glamor of America is no place better than Times Square. Here visitors will admire the crowd bustling, neon lights shining from advertising signs, the traffic moving constantly and do not forget to bring your camera to the back of impressive moments where thick. Square is also known as the area that never sleeps in the world.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore(Keystone, South Dakota)
Not only is Mount Rushmore stunning property but which is a majestic ridge and went down in history thanks to the novel idea of ​​the sculptural portrait of the American president up on the mountainside. Mountains like a monument in honor of democracy in the land of the wild west. So far this sculpture is still seen as a unique work of art in the world.

Grand Canyon (Arizona)
Grand Canyon is considered one of the symbols of America. The red sandstone walls and gorges runs has made this area brings a great beauty, a place extremely interesting adventure travelers buy airline tickets to America . Can say wild Colorado River has created a masterpiece of nature that can hardly be found anywhere on earth.

Grand Canyon

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francsico, California)
Suspension bridge connecting San Francisco and Marin County for more than 2 km is the pride of the American people. This spectacular bridge was built to withstand high winds and earthquakes. You can see the beauty of the bridge as you watch the San Francisco skyline and the Bay of Islands area. In the afternoon and early morning, brilliant orange bridge hidden in the fog created a very impressive picture.

Lights in Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada)
A trip to the US will lack meaning if you miss Las Vegas in their journey of discovery. Glamor, luxury, proved Vegas is a world symbol of fun and entertainment of the United States. City welcoming everyone and meet all demands have fun, their resort.

Lights in Las Vegas

There are plenty of places to represent the spirit of America, Scenic America that you can explore during your trip as Park Millennium in Chicago, the Yellowstone National Park or the city council of Philadelphia, …

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