Interesting experiences on the island Miyajima, Japan

(Top Travel Free)Miyajima island archipelago is considered divine. Miyajima is a quaint little island located less than an hour to move from downtown Hiroshima. To go to Miyajima, you can travel by car or train to the ferry, then by ferry to the island. While visiting the island, travelers buy airline tickets to Japan will experience and discover a wealth of interesting things.

What awaits you in Miyajima

Below is a list of things that you should explore if you have set foot on this island charismatic.

Itsukushima Torii gate giant

Giant Torii Gate is a free door, standing in the middle of the sea, is part of the Itsukushima Shrine. It is a Shinto shrine is considered to be the boundary between the spiritual and the human world. The most interesting part of this temple is that it looks as if it is floating in the water. Make sure that when visiting Miyajima when Torii Gate tide to see if it is surrounded by water.

Itsukushima Torii gate giant

History museum

Museum conservation history and traditional culture of the island of Miyajima through conservation Egamis house, a family farmer notable merchants. It is the place that contains pictures, poetry, wooden artifacts, pottery, furniture and tools, all of the objects on display and the traditional history of the family. There is a small fee of 300 Yen visit with discounts for students.

Omotesando street

This is the main city of the island of Miyajima people. It is filled with gift shops, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, candy stores, art and historical artifacts. You can get a dish with flavor bearing the stamp of the culture of Hiroshima. You can also see the largest collection of rice world wooden spoon, O-Shakushi right on this street.

Dining Momiji Manjyu

Momiji Manjyu a sweet pea is made from fresh beans all over the island. Miyajima Island is known as the place to enjoy the sweets. Desserts bring different flavors here like strawberry, green tea and chocolate, but the most common is taste sweet peas.

Mount Misen

Misen mountain is the highest mountain of the island. It gives you great panoramic view point of the island. You can walk or ride to the top of the cable car to the observation deck. There are three different paths for the hiking. Moving cable car will take a small fee and about 20 minutes to move upwards. Along the trails or at the top of the mountain you can be welcomed by the monkeys or deer live in this place.

Mount Misen


Miyajima island owns an impressive aquarium that you can visit. It exhibits marine life near the island of Miyajima in the region. Tickets can be purchased for 1,400 yen for adults, 700 yen for students and students, 400 yen for younger students. There are many opportunities to experience at this aquarium, from starfish to see penguins caress.

Daisho-in temple

Daisho-in temple

Daisho is a beautiful Buddhist temple located on Miyajima, hidden in the trees and in the corners of the mountain. There are many different parts of this temple. Here you can find many different Buddha statues symbolize, shrines, prayer wheels and place of worship. Once at the top of the temple you have a great view of the island while enjoying all the incredible detail of the temple.

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