The attractive natural surroundings in Japan

(Top Travel Free)Japan though small and divided by the sea but this place does not lack the beautiful natural scenery. Once bought flights to Japan, visitors will have the opportunity to experience and explore the wealth of natural landscapes and cultural history of the country is world famous.

Places worth a visit in Japan

If you are looking for something new in your journey of discovery, refer to the list of attractive natural surroundings in Japan right below for easy planning your journey of discovery.

Kiso Valley

Kiso Valley

Kiso Valley is where the trail Nakasendo, one of five major roads connecting Edo Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. Edo people often have to make a long journey on foot and, as a result, become Kiso Valley getaway, eat and sleep for pedestrians on the road. Guests come here today can walk this old road, between the mountains and forests across the thick, as well as visit some of the ancient town is well preserved.


Shodoshima is a fascinating place with a mild climate. It owns the beaches, beautiful coast, the resort and the olive plantations. This is considered the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea. This is one of the festival organizers Setouchi Triennale of Contemporary Art, and the traditional outdoor festival also takes place in areas scattered around the island.

Blue Pond

Blue Pond

Blue Pond in Hokkaido, also known as Aoiike, known for its ethereal blue. These stumps sticking out of the water contributed to the scenery more impressive. Artificial ponds have been created as part of an erosion control system, designed to protect the area from mudflows can occur from Tokachi area near the volcano. Strange blue pond created by the natural minerals dissolved in water.

Tottori sand dunes

Tottori sand dunes extremely important as part of the National Park in Tottori Sanin Sea. Sand dunes stretches 16 km along the coast of Japan, this is the largest sand dunes in the country. Thanks to motion tide and winds made the shape of the dunes are constantly changing, but most of the dunes are up to 2 km in width and 50 meters high. Camel riding activities are widespread, making this region a desert atmosphere fascinates tourists attracted to buy flights to Japan looking to explore.

Bamboo Forest Sagano

Arashiyama Sagano bamboo forest is located in a district in the suburbs west of Kyoto. A road crossing the towering bamboo trees, the sun reaches in between the green stalks and create an enchanting scenery. Is equally famous for the beauty of bamboo forests are the characteristic sound produced by the stem of bamboo swaying in the wind.

Bamboo Forest Sagano

Garden Nishinomaru

Nishinomaru garden is a beautiful grass garden that offers spectacular views of Osaka Castle and the stone wall of the moat. Once the west of the castle, the garden is now covered with more than 600 cherry trees and more than 95 different kinds of plum blossom. It’s a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing activities in the spring, with light demonstration program are held at night during peak bloom season.

Aogashima volcano

Aogashima is a small tropical island in the Philippine Sea, which is under the management of Tokyo. The isolated islands in the Izu islands, the island is home to a giant double volcano. The island itself is a volcano and a second smaller volcanoes found in the center. With about 200 residents, Aogashima is also small villages in Japan.

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