The most beautiful gardens United Kingdom

The UK has the beautiful landscape makes visitors rejoiced, or historical sites are recognized as world heritage. To Britain to admire more other beauty here, especially the beautiful gardens are very attentive care contributed to the scenic vistas, romantic city in the heart away flower.

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

A large vegetable gardens to 121 hectares including gardens and greenhouse plants with 30,000 live plants and 7 million acres of dry trees, this is one of the world’s largest garden. kh your garden to be lost in a forest with the trees, the animals, and ten thousand flowers bloom. gardens built a walkway above 200m elevation 18m to serve visitors and travel.

Kew Royal Botanic Gardens are divided into separate zones and have different designs for cultivating and tending different tree species brought from the regions of the world: Princess of Wales Conservatory, the real Davies mountainous character, the temperate, the guns … They plant gardens addition also has a large research facility is the workplace of scientists, researchers of British celebrities.

Stourhead gardens

Stourhead gardens comes people will think of the tale princess Sleeping, because the garden is surrounded by a green of lush foliage and unique flowers. From outside the gate to the greenhouse area and the walls were covered with small trees and long lines to climb big trees around to look quite interesting.

Stourhead is located on the banks of the river Stour near Mere, Wiltshire, England. The village is known for a thousand flowers blooming gardens, fields and plantations bumper shady trees.So this is one of the accommodation is ideal for tourists who love peace and beauty of rural life rustic.

New Forest National Park

National Park is located in Hampshire County, on the central south coast of England, and is largely occupied an area formerly known as the New Forest only, large garden of about 150 square miles formerly a hunting area royal shot king William I and his nobility in the 12th century many forest and woodland heather neck opening makes New forest became a unique and very special.

New Forest National Park

The garden is a favorite tourist Great and fresh air, the rich fauna and diverse. The garden has introduced quite a site, make sure you will find many interesting information covering all aspects of the New Forest National Park: history, special varieties, how to care plant

Mottisfont Abbey Rose Garden

Garden with hundreds of species of rose flowers including hundreds of years dating as gallicas, centifolias, rugosas … and many other rare species of roses. Mottisfont Abbey Rose Garden was built on a large area located on the campus of the oldest ancient monastery Augustine,

Go to your garden will surely extremely excited by the fragrance of flowers radiate with sparkling colors adorn the garden, the garden is very eye-catching design with different shapes.Right outside the gates of the arc bending vines as welcome guests, colorful flowers are bred is also blooming.

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