The most beautiful waterfalls in Japan

(Top Travel Free)Waterfalls in Japan is one of the numerous attractions visitors come to visit discover. The lively sound of running water and the green of nature always brings a new feel full of life. You can always choose to explore the beach, but if you want to mingle with nature, close to the mountains, do not miss the opportunity to visit the most beautiful waterfalls of Japan.

So far, according to statistics there are about 157 waterfalls in Japan. Below is a list of waterfalls that you can add to your favorite destinations:

Waterfalls worth visiting in Japan

Hagoromo Falls

Hagoromo Waterfalls located in the west of Tenninkyo daisetsuzan national park in the Gorge. Hagoromo name means “fur coat”. Hagoromo is a 270-meter high waterfall and hot springs located near Tenninkyo. The cliff is divided into 7 stages and it is the largest waterfall in Hokkaido, Japan’s second largest. In 1990, it was selected the “Top 100 Waterfalls” of Japan.

Hagoromo Falls

From the waterfall visitors can walk to the hot springs Tenninkyo and took about 15-20 minutes walking distance (3 km) from the town of hot springs. Hagoromo also known as the “Niagara of the East”. In April when the snow melts, abundant water to make up a very impressive scenery. During the entire autumn color change beautiful mountains.

Garo Falls

Garo Waterfall also known as “Dragon lies”, the name comes from the legend of a dragon lord protect Matsumae clan’s treasure. No basin, waterfalls often created by rainbow bubbles filled the air flying. The best time to visit this waterfall is in May or June or when autumn begins.

Garo Falls

70 m wide waterfall, 35 meters high and is the largest waterfall in Hokkaido. Water cascades into Chihase River, flowing through the highlands. In 1990, it was selected as one of “100 Best Waterfalls in Japan”.

Ryusei-Ginga Falls

The Ryusei – Ginga commonly referred to as the “Waterfall spouse”. The large rock in between the waterfalls have split the flow of the waterfall forms two small cascade. Waterfall Ryusei means meteor, is a strong water flow is turned off from the rocks. Conversely, operators Ginga means galaxy, is a series of thin strip of water, flowing into cascading down the mountainside. Waterfall Ryusei is for men while Ginga falls were compared with women. Ryusei and Ginga waterfall have been selected as one of the Top 100 waterfalls in Japan.

Waterfalls pour down from the tall cliff striking blue sky and landscape trees turn red in the fall, has created a landscape with picturesque white water highlights.

Waterfall Kurokuma

Also known as polar bears waterfall located in the town ajigasawa, District Higashitsugaru. This waterfall is considered as a symbol of religious devotion because of its shape like a picture of a Bosatsu Kannon with hands clasped in prayer. It is also said to resemble the shape of a bear standing, so this waterfall is also called white bear operators.

Matsumi waterfall

Matsumi Falls is a waterfall in the city of Towada, Japan, on a tributary of Oirase, Towada flowing down from the lake. Water rushing down the line to create a wonderful scenery attracts visitors come to explore.

If you love natural beauty and passion conquer waterfalls, do not miss the opportunity to visit to top 5 waterfall in Japan. Certainly journey of discovery of the most beautiful waterfalls of Japan will bring you more impressive and unforgettable experience.

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