Top 4 most popular Englend Cities

As a country under political institutions monarchy, headed by UK Queen Elizabeth. As one of the major powers immensely popular and important voice in world affairs. Not only is the country’s economic development when purchasing flights to the UK , you are known for a lot of famous natural beauty, tourist destinations due to the human hand created extremely ingenious. Great Britain and the extremely attractive destination let us review a bit offline!


Since the Romans withdrew from Britain in the fifth century, London officially became the capital of England, with the greatest efforts to tirelessly London has a lot of shopping center and located on around the world. Today London is the financial center – of the global economy, the currency is the British pound has the world’s highest value.

Top 4 most popular Englend cities

Located in the southeast of England on the banks of the River Thames gentle, London lavish splendor of a fairy castle. You can visit some of the famous sites such as the Palace of Westminster with Big Ben tower world’s largest, Buckingham Palace was the residence and the current work of the Royal National, where the Victoria and Albert Museum artifacts exhibited in fashion, ceramics, furniture.


Situated in the north of England, Manchester is mentioned as a city and a series in England with the restaurant bar. In particular passion by the king of football, with the best match of the football team, leading and extremely strong two teams are Manchester City and Manchester United.

Manchester is also known as the second largest city of the United Kingdom after London, the economy thrives with office buildings, commercial centers, museums, amusement parks springing up everywhere in the city. With roadside taverns, where travelers and their friends can come to sip and learn about the city.

City Liverpool

The largest port city of ancient Britain was now a cultural and tourist center is extremely busy. Situated on the banks of the river Mersey peaceful city with all the highs and lows of emotion, tourists come to visit the place Liverpool will be the legendary band The Beatles Story last time at Albert Waterfront.

Not only highlights the arts and culture, the ancient city of Liverpool is also home to the European style of old. If you want to explore the city, you go to the museum – a place to keep a lot of artifacts, photographs of Liverpool’s culture from ancient to the present.

City of Cambridge

Cambridge attracts visitors with ancient buildings with beautiful arches, small roads clean, the people hospitable and extremely likeable. You will be surprised by the prevailing bikes on the streets, from the point of students who go to school, because here particularly liked the people here very friendly media environment.

Speaking to Cambridge you will think of the famous university, the largest number of international students leading. This is a modern learning environment for teaching equipment and professional trainers, it also has trained a lot of talent to the world. These include the two most famous universities is the Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge University.

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