Top 6 natural wonders of Los Angeles

Tourists and locals are accustomed to think of the high-speed roads, buildings and industrial districts when it comes to Los Angeles. But this city enough to bring tourists to go from surprise to surprise the other.

Maybe modern life, is flashy attraction to many tourists choose to Los Angeles looking to visit explore. However the natural landscape of this place will give visitors the experience is equally interesting.

If you are familiar with the famous tourist destination of Los Angeles as Fame, Hollywood icons, Universal Studio, … then take a one-time visitors come to the natural landmarks not least attractive of Los Angeles. The following list is an ideal suggestion for you.

La Brea Tar Pits

Top 6 natural wonders of Los Angeles

One of the largest excavation of the fossil world, La Brea Tar Pits is located in downtown Los Angeles will take visitors away from prehistoric to modern times. Since the early 1900s, millions of fossils of plants and animals from 10,000 to 40,000 years ago have been unearthed from the tar pits. Visitors to the George C. Page Museum can see fossils of wild cats, wolves and many other extinct species. Guests can also look to the excavation sites are operating to see on the ground soaked asphalt.

Mount Wilson

Mount Wilson is famous in the world of astronomy and an atmosphere offering typical in North America, allowing the interferometer to measure value. Most revolutionary discovery in the early years of the 20th century in the astrophysicist was done through the lens of Hooker and Hale telescope, Edwin Hubble observations included that the universe is expanding has been made out here. Despite the increase in light pollution from the city has prevented researchers observed at night, but the sun continues to take place in this mountain.

Ballona Wetlands

Like many natural wonders of Los Angeles, the Ballona Wetlands exist thanks to the environmental protection efforts of the state to protect them from the effects of urbanization. Until the early 19th century, the wetlands stretching 8.09 km 2 of land along the coastal areas of California have dropped to about 2.43 km 2.

Ballona like a buffer zone to prevent floods to the local community, a source of life for the flora and fauna in danger of being threatened, the rest are home to millions of migratory birds. If tourists are nature lover and has owned her plate to the US , do not miss the fascinating tourist attractions of this!

Placerita Canyon State Park

Discover in Mill Sutter fate has sparked a gold rush in California in 1848, a man named Francisco Lopez fell asleep under an oak tree and dreamed that I was floating in a pool of gold. When he woke up, he dug beneath their seats are, and found traces of gold. While the dream is only legend, the discovery is real, and the first to be recognized in California. Areas of Gold Dream is now part of Placerita Canyon State Park, also home to over 200 species of native plants.

Poppies California

At the western end of Antelope Valley, spring wildflower season. From March to May, the whole area was covered in brilliant orange of California poppies, like other flowers, this flower grow without human intervention. Picture of flowers and colors provides a great getaway for those seeking fresh air and a new feel compared to the familiar sights of the city. Visitors can hike the trails, picnic. Bring lunch, sunscreen and a camera. Not blooming poppies on cold days, so check the weather before coming here.

Griffith Park

Although well known and is an urban icon, Griffith Park is the ideal place to participate in outdoor activities for those who can not make the trip out of town. One of the largest urban parks in California, Griffith is owned garden where LA Zoo, Griffith Observatory, and many other fun activities. Visitors can hike, admire the scenery was used as scene for the famous movie and watch Hollywood icon.

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